Leasing Inquiries

With thousands of weekly customers and an abundance of square footage, B&I Public Marketplace could be the next home for your business. You can view a map of our mall below or click here to get a closer look at the available space. If you’re interested in knowing more about our mall and leasing quotes, reach out to us directly by filling out the form below. We’d love to hear more about the type of store you’d like to open!

    Mall Map


    Addicted 2 Da Grind Productions (CD DVD)
    A.J. Family Beauty Salon
    Anita Folwers
    Antonio Cabillo & Maribel Mejia
    Aurelio Herrera
    B&I Amusement
    B & I Check cashing
    B&I Coin Shop
    Bilama Jimenez
    Cartunz Motor Sports (Car Stereo)
    Castolinas Raggae
    Cellphone Accessories
    Cell Phone Repairs
    Chol’s Auto Seat Covers & Embroidery
    Computer repair & accessories
    Dollar and More
    Done Right Computers
    Ebenezer Best Value Clothing
    El Bronco
    El Charrito
    Electronic Repairs
    El Potrillo De Zacetecas
    EL Remate
    El Rey Del Bionico (something wild)
    Fernand Palacios Photos
    Foot Ball
    Hair Plus Beauty Supply
    Imagen Grafica
    India Bazaar
    Juan Herrera
    KoKo Alterations
    La Granda Kitchen
    La Princesa
    Lovely Nails
    Major Dollar
    Mariscos Acqpulco
    New York Gold
    Novedades Abril
    Novedades Garcia
    Novedades Para Bebe
    Party Furniture
    Premium Phone Sale
    Seattle Work Wear
    Sweet Land
    Top to Bottom 1
    Top to Bottom 2
    Treacherous Air Brush
    Trey Grillz
    Tuff T’s
    Tune Station
    Universal Rugs
    Varedades Dora
    Yeo Shim Beauty Supply

    Food Court

    Coffee & Cream
    El Pollero
    Gyro King
    La Salsa
    El Sabador
    Tea House